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We are happy to announce that Zanotto's Family Markets curbside program has fulfilled over 3,600 orders! Our stores have proudly completed every curbside order received. 
Please note: The curbside pickup will end Friday, August 27th, 2021. All stores are now using Instacart for online shopping orders and delivery.

Order ahead, grocery pick up for seniors & healthcare professionals actively supporting the COVID-19 crisis

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Zanotto’s Markets is committed to supporting the community during these challenging times with order-ahead, ‘no-contact’ pick up of groceries for seniors and for frontline healthcare professionals supporting the COVID-19 crisis.

Seniors & Healthcare Professionals Actively Supporting the COVID-19 Crisis:

Zanotto’s is offering special order-ahead, no-contact grocery pickup, with no fees. Zanotto’s recognizes the importance of helping our community’s most vulnerable and in demand members. Combined with our in-store sanitization and health initiatives, Senior Hour for 60+, and this program, we feel we are providing a safe shopping option for all our customers.


For curbside pickup, Seniors and healthcare professionals that qualify will be able to email or call in orders and pick up their pre-packed grocery order from one of our three participating Zanotto’s Markets locations, Willow Glen, Sunnyvale, and Rose Garden Zanotto’s.

    Rose Garden: Monday-Sunday
    Willow Glen: Monday-Friday
    Sunnyvale: Monday-Thursday

We will do our best to fulfill your request in a timely manner.


Note: Frontline healthcare professionals may be asked for a badge or business card at the time of pick up.

Here’s how it works:  *Please read carefully, some steps have changed*

Step 1. Go to our website: Download and save the NEW order form to your computer.


Step 2. Shop: Open a new order form from your computer, fill out the fields listed and then add your items to our shopping form. All fields at the top of the form are necessary to support your order. Ensure you check yes or no for substitutions.


Step 3. Save the form: Save the completed order form to your computer. Please double check your form has been saved and ensure all items desired are listed. We will not be accepting order modifications once submitted.

Step 4. Email us your order:
Create a new email with the following information in the Subject Line, (Name, Phone Number, Desired Pickup Location). Attach the form and send your email to

Step 5. Order confirmation: We will confirm receipt of your order within 24-48 hours. We will also notify you of your scheduled pickup date at this time.  Please be patient, our response and order fulfillment times will vary depending on demand. We will get back to you within this initial time window.

Step 6. Order acceptance: Once you received our order confirmation and pickup date you are all set. At this time, you may also choose to cancel your order if the fulfillment date is later than you expected. Our next contact will be a phone call on the date your order is ready for pick up.


Step 7. Payment: Once the shopping of your order is complete in-store you will be contacted for payment information and other details regarding your pickup.


Step 8. Pickup: Come to the designated Zanotto’s Market for your order and an employee or volunteer will put your groceries in your car. Please stay in the car as this is ‘no-contact’ pickup.


Click here to download the order form:

Tell your family and frontline healthcare
heroes about this program by
forwarding this webpage:


Frequently Asked Questions: 


How do I place an order? 

Review the “Here is how it works” section as mentioned above.


Who do I call if I have questions?

Please call 408-506-7757. Do not call the stores, this program is managed off site so we can allow our staff to focus on their in-store responsibilities.  


I have not heard back, and 48 hours have passed, what should I do?

Please call 408-506-7757 and we will work to solve the issue.


I am having problems with the form. What should I do?

If you have tried the form and have been unsuccessful, please include your order and all information requested on the form into an email sent to

I do not have a computer; how do I place an order?

Email from a smart phone or tablet is preferred but if unavailable, call 408-506-7757 with your order. Phone order hours are available from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please only leave one voicemail message.  It can take up to 24 hours to respond to Voice Messages.  Numerous voicemails slow down our ability to respond quickly.

How do I set a pickup time?  

When you send us an order, we will reply within 24-48 hours with the scheduled pick-up date. On the day of pick-up our associates will coordinate a time with you after your order has been prepared. Pickup times are during normal store business hours. 


How do I pay for the order?

You will be contacted and asked for payment information once the shopping of your order is completed in-store.


Where can you deliver?

We are not currently offering delivery services with this program. Our resources are limited, and we will be focusing on curbside service.


How do you handle "no substitutions" if you don't have the product I need?

If we are out of or do not carry the brand or item you have requested, we will move to the next item on your list. Additionally, we will not substitute sizes if you request a specific size.


How do you handle substitutions when chosen?

If you allow substitutions, we will fill your requested item with our closest size or brand.

Do you allow returns? 

We do not allow returns.

Where and when do I pick up the groceries a the store? 

When you arrive, for your safety and the safety of our employees and volunteers, stay in your car as this is no contact pickup. Pull up, pop the trunk and a Zanotto’s employee or volunteer will put them in your car.

How long does it take to fulfill and order? 

Times will vary depending on demand. We will notify you of the scheduled date when we respond to your order.

What happens after the groceries are loaded into the car? 

Best practices include wiping down the outside of all the items before putting them away.

How can I help?

Zanotto's needs volunteers that can help fulfill orders. Be part of the solution during this time of crisis. Please call 408-506-7757 or email Must be symptom-free, no exposure to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients, or sick people in general. Please email us at and put Volunteer in the subject line if you are available to volunteer.


Zanottos Senior Healthcare Order Form
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